Rise to the top

Trusted Deals Partners’ products get preferred placements to stand out from scammers.
Fakespot Trusted Deals

Trusted Brand

  • Your products are shown as Top Products to our users when they analyze competing products with bad Fakespot Review Grades.
  • Placements in product pages and our Extension.
  • You'll receive a Trusted Brand Badge to stand out as a reliable company to buy from.

Consumer Privacy is Critical

  • Fakespot is a privacy oriented company.
  • Trust is the most important part of any transaction.
  • Trusted Deals enforces consumer privacy and increases brand trust.

Program Qualifications

  • Excellent Fakespot Review Grades.
  • Trustworthy companies with real people, no drop shippers, knockoffs, or counterfeits.
  • Stellar customer support and return policy.
  • You stand behind your products.