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In May 2023, Fakespot joined Mozilla, a company with a mission to keep the internet open and accessible to all, to help consumers shop online with confidence. Together, they share a vision of what the future of the internet should look like, where the convergence of trust, privacy and security play an imperative part of our digital experiences.

Founded in 2016, Fakespot saw the proliferation of fake reviews online and realized the massive problem they were causing. Some sellers were gaming ratings or farming positive reviews in an effort to artificially inflate product reputation, undermining the trustworthiness of review systems to the detriment of customers and ethically minded sellers. Enter Fakespot.

With Fakespot by Mozilla, consumers can sort real reviews from fake ones, helping to dramatically increase trust and confidence among those making online purchases. Fakespot uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) system to detect patterns and similarities among reviews in order to flag those that are most likely to be deceptive. Using Fakespot by Mozilla, a buyer is able to quickly see where deceptive reviews may be artificially inflating a product’s ranking in search engines. People who use Fakespot have higher satisfaction with their purchases and return products less often.

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Saoud Khalifah, Founder and Director of Fakespot by Mozilla, breaks down the complexities of online fake reviews, including advice for audiences to notice red flags and avoid falling victim to poor quality or counterfeit purchases. If you're interested in interviewing him for your story, please reach out to us directly and we can coordinate.

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Fakespot by Mozilla, a free app and browser extension powered by AI, is designed to swiftly assess the trustworthiness of product reviews to empower consumers to make informed shopping decisions.