Fakespot is acquired by Mozilla

Dear Fakespotters,

I have exciting news to share, Fakespot has been acquired by Mozilla!

We are joining a company that develops one of the most popular browsers in the world in Firefox with a lineage that dates back to the origins of the internet.

In Mozilla, we have found a partner that shares a similar mission as to what the future of the internet should look like, where the convergence of trust, privacy and security play an imperative part of our digital experiences.

In a time where it's simpler than ever before to generate fake content, the browser is the first entry point to consuming that content. As such, browsers have the most potential for true innovations where actions, like shopping, become better than ever before.

We will continue supporting our popular Fakespot browser extensions and mobile apps which bring trust and transparency to millions of shoppers.

Stay tuned and download Firefox today to see what we have planned for the future and join us as we write the next chapters of the internet!

Saoud Khalifah
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