Improve your business with Fakespot Trust AI

State of the art machine learning/AI trained on billions of data points to increase trust and conversions for your business

Pros and Cons

Extract valuable intelligence from consumers feedback and turn product page views into conversions. This powerhouse NLP API will work with different types of textual content across the board.
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Review Highlights

Consumers don’t have time to read thousands of reviews so give them top level Highlights instead. Review Highlights tells consumers about a product’s quality, price, shipping, competitiveness, and packaging to increase conversions.
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Fraud Detection

Analyze your reviews to find fake and unreliable content in real-time to build and increase trust with your users.

Find fake accounts and bots for fast and easy removal. Leverage Fakespot's technology that has been built over years and expertise in the detection of fake reviews, fake accounts, bots and other types of fraud.
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Review Sentiment

Understand what consumers really think about your product and service by using Fakespot’s Review Sentiment API that will allow you to uncover trends and insights from your customers’ reviews or feedback at scale.
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