How do you confirm a winner?

Fakespot uses a random drawing process to select potential winners within 10 days after the deadline passes. After the drawing process, Fakespot will reach out to the winner by email. We will have the winning ticket number and we will confirm that this matches the ticket number you received in your email when you participated. We will ask the potential winner to confirm their full eligibility and legal standards.

Once the email is sent, the potential winner has 24 hours to respond to our team and 72 hours from the time of the email to return all qualifying and legal documentation. If you do not execute and return all required documents within the time frame specified by Fakespot, you will forfeit the Prize and Fakespot will move on to another randomly drawn potential winner.

Do you ever contact winners through social media?

No, we will only reach out to winners through email. Fakespot will have the winning email address which will match yours. This is only known by us and you.

If you feel you have been contacted by someone impersonating Fakespot, please contact us at

How do you deliver the game systems?

We will ship the game systems via UPS with insurance and tracking.

How do I know when the drawing will happen?

This sweepstakes has a specific deadline to participate by which you will see listed clearly on sweepstakes main page. Drawings will happen in 10 days or less from the deadline date.

What locations are eligible to participate?

The current locations we allow participation includes all of the United States with the exception of the states of NY and FL. Additionally, we allow participation from all of Canada except the Province of Quebec and all of the Great Britain, except Northern Ireland.