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Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin: How To Lose Weight FAST Without Struggle

Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin: How To Lose Weight FAST Without Struggle

Sold by Kenn Kihiu
Company Product Reviews Grade:A

In category Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Analyzed on:Jun 14, 2016
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This product had a total of 25 reviews on Jun 14 2016.
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easy, fat and great.

Reviews summary

The reason that author kenn kihiu's book/manual/guide/written companion sleep fat wake up thin works so well (in addition to the fact that the author is so down to earth and honest in his conversation with us) is that the information here is lucid, credible, earnest enough to assure the reader that what he is saying is based on fact, and - perhaps most important - motivational! after encouraging us about the importance of establishing a healthy mindset, he delves in the topic of sugars and fiber and how the type of sugars we need come from vegetables, the science of the body's acid/alkaline state and how to strive to alkalinize the body - assisted by copious water intake (he even tells us what sources of water to use - and not use!), he offers a very sound and doable regimen of short and intermittent fasting to increase fat burning and body cleansing, and ends with a friendly but serious conversation about synchronizing our minds with our bodies to create a habit or way of life that is easy to adapt that will make becoming and staying lean not only possible but probable

Along the way kihiu warmly encourages the reader that living and eating better is easy - like eat some fruits and vegetables with your meals, weigh yourself regularly, drink water often

There is much practical wisdom here - `learn to set up your life so you don't always have to make a decision, don't let circumstances change your ability to follow through on commitments, take 100% responsibility for your life, learn and master the secret of doing the easy things, happily pay the price in advance, create automatic decisions, and think of progress not perfection

' and remember - this is a book about nutrition and weight management!kihiu's sections on what foods to buy, how to shop, how to interpret labels, how to beware of `weight loss myths' - all of that is here in addition to some of the best practical information about how our bodies process food and how to assist our bodies to do what they are designed to do

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[["book", 89], ["weight", 51], ["kenn", 30], ["easy", 29], ["how", 28], ["our", 24], ["read", 23], ["kihiu", 23], ["author", 23], ["exercise", 22], ["fat", 22], ["lose", 20], ["loss", 20], ["from", 20], ["about", 20], ["without", 18], ["way", 18], ["information", 18], ["great", 16], ["makes", 16], ["fitness", 16], ["life", 16], ["water", 15], ["reader", 15], ["fact", 15], ["well", 15], ["sense", 14], ["health", 14], ["best", 14], ["body", 13], ["better", 12], ["bodies", 12], ["here", 12], ["sleep", 12], ["kihiu's", 12], ["like", 11], ["t", 11], ["f", 11], ["love", 10], ["recommend", 10], ["struggle", 10], ["follow", 10], ["understand", 10], ["thin", 10], ["wake", 10], ["advice", 9], ["anyone", 9], ["dieting", 9], ["highly", 9], ["practical", 9], ["eating", 9], ["create", 9], ["into", 9], ["nutrition", 9], ["us", 9], ["written", 9], ["help", 8], ["tried", 8], ["years", 8], ["holistic", 8], ["believe", 8], ["workout", 8], ["who", 8], ["learn", 8], ["yourself", 8]]

Fakespot Review Grade

Our analysis detected over 80% high quality reviews

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