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Bioshock - Playstation 3

Bioshock - Playstation 3

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Analyzed on:Jun 7, 2016
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Nuff said 10 stars this is the proof that a fps can have a great story i will talk about the good things first and the bad things lastgraphics: bioshock is visually astonishing the water (a large part of this game because its based under sea) looks amazing very fluid and real looking and the colors are dark a gloomy looking really setting the mood and the animation style is very different from other games its looks very good still it has a crisp presentation

Gameplay: im gonna be honest the gameplay is different from other fps the shooting button for the guns is r2 and the weapon switch is r1 and the power use button is l2 and to switch powers is l1 it takes some getting used to but after a while its like second nature but besides the control the setting is usually very tense especially if your a person who doesn't lime closed in spaces it does a very good job of sucking you into the world of rapture and when i played through i always had a sense of not having enough like i was always a little short on ammo or lacking a few health kits it added a new depth to the game it made you a little more conservative on your supplies which games like call of duty or battlefield dont do

Story: the strongest point in my opinion the wah that this game created an entire world is amazing the voice acting was really well done and i noticed there wasnt a single throwaway character each person was unique to the story line it also sports one of the most impressive and fascinating villain's ive ever seen in a game no spoilers ahead andrew ryan amazing villain with so much depth and detail in his character and half way through the game a twist comes that left my jaw dropped

Bad stuff theres not much the only thing that really irritated me was the security sytems they were straight up enraging one more thing that really made me mad was how if you hacked a drone or turret to work for you if an enemy was behind you the drond would shoot you trying to shoot the enemy and damage especially if it was a rocket drone one more thing was later in the game you get afflicted and the powers change at random any time this can happen if your fighting or not and it puts away everything and equips your power this really pissed me off i died so many times because of thisoverall: 5/5 bioshock is a masterpiece and deserves to be respected as such a strong story great gameplay little to no error its cheap so i recommend buying it or better yet buy bioshock infinite it comes with a free copy of bioshock and is also another great game

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[["game", 47], ["games", 14], ["great", 13], ["story", 12], ["bioshock", 11], ["played", 9], ["play", 7], ["time", 7], ["like", 7], ["best", 7], ["amazing", 7], ["good", 6], ["first", 5], ["fps", 5], ["never", 5], ["excellent", 4], ["ps", 4], ["say", 4], ["buy", 4], ["thing", 4], ["comes", 4], ["ever", 4], ["single", 4], ["through", 4], ["other", 4], ["about", 4], ["way", 4], ["little", 4], ["worth", 4], ["fun", 4], ["well", 4], ["player", 3], ["character", 3], ["made", 3], ["powers", 3], ["gameplay", 3], ["from", 3], ["different", 3], ["hopefully", 3], ["bought", 3], ["each", 3], ["infinite", 3], ["looks", 3], ["fast", 3], ["came", 3], ["controls", 2], ["today", 2], ["dead", 2], ["walking", 2], ["game's", 2], ["telltale", 2], ["xbox", 2], ["didn't", 2], ["trilogy", 2], ["p", 2], ["being", 2], ["atmosphere", 2], ["mark", 2], ["exclamation", 2], ["highly", 2], ["action", 2], ["love", 2], ["released", 2], ["playing", 2], ["gaming", 2]]

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