Criteria for NFT verification

With the NFT Guard extension, our goal is to make it easy to find legitimate NFTs and collections on Opensea. At launch, we are using a simple checklist that results in verification of many legitimate items that do not yet carry Opensea verification.

Below is a partial list of what contributes to being verified by NFT Guard.
  • Opensea Verification - If Opensea already verified it, we do as well
  • Art is delivered and revealed
  • Collection has 100eth minimum volume
  • Widely recognized by the NFT Community
  • Not a derivative collection (though we will have something more here soon)
Two notes about our verification criteria:
  1. We have been conservative in our criteria as we roll out to make sure you can save time and still be safe. However, you should still do your own research.
  2. We encourage community feedback on how to make this tool more awesome, so don’t hesitate to @ us on Twitter.